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How Keyword Research Can Help You Attract Customers

Search Engine Optimization can be extremely helpful, but only if you use the tools available.  To help you drive traffic and potential customers you need to weave it with your business’ overall online strategy, including effective keyword research and efficient social media campaigns. Why Keywords Matter to Your Business Don’t assume that you have to rank […]

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Build Great Content First

I’ve been writing online for about four years. When  I start a new project, my focus is making sure I have a specific goal for the first year on the type of content I want to present and share. My goal is to provide useful and practical information for a tight community of readers. While […]

Content, THEN Promotion

Building Your Reputation Many of us know that reputation is important in the real world, what some don’t understand is that it’s absolutely vital online for long term success. The currency of the web is links and if you’re looking to build quality links that give you traffic AND help you build relationships with fellow […]

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Welcome to Vega Baja Productions

Vega Baja Productions is  dedicated to helping businesses build a meaningful and profitable online presence. Even more important than having a web presence is having an  effective and efficient strategy. With the right plan you can build a communication tool to directly connect with your clients and find out what they want and need so […]

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