Build Great Content First

I’ve been writing online for about four years. When  I start a new project, my focus is making sure I have a specific goal for the first year on the type of content I want to present and share. My goal is to provide useful and practical information for a tight community of readers.

While I have goals for gaining income from my projects, it is tied to the content I present. Why? I’m interested in building a community first and that community is centered on what I can provide for my audience. An engaged audience is more likely to call on you when they are looking for an expert and they are more likely to share what you have with their friends and family.

What’s Your Purpose?

If you’re simply interested in gaining more business, you may find that customer traffic fluctuates based on when you offer deals or discounts. If you’re hoping to build an enthusiastic customer base, growth will take some time in the beginning as your audience gets to know you and your business, but it will be substantially easier to maintain the interest.

What kind of content can you offer to customers? There are plenty of options, such as detailed written articles, useful videos to help explain common problems, or podcasts highlighting exciting developments in your industry.

All of these ideas require a plan for both execution and promotion. You need to decide how frequently to release new content and which content is best suited for the customers you’re seeking to serve.

Creating Content for Your Audience

How exactly do you know what your customers want, especially when you are first starting out your campaign? My suggestion is tackling it on two fronts – looking at where your audience are spending their time online and using keyword research to see what they are searching for. What you discover can give you a foundation to grow your site and your business.

Once you’ve established some rapport from your customers, ask them for feedback regularly. Have a way for them to easily share their ideas and concerns with your business.

Thoughts on Building Blogs That Generate Income

What has been your experience?  Who’s career do you admire?

Photo Credit: Tony Hue