Content, THEN Promotion

Building Your Reputation

Many of us know that reputation is important in the real world, what some don’t understand is that it’s absolutely vital online for long term success. The currency of the web is links and if you’re looking to build quality links that give you traffic AND help you build relationships with fellow bloggers and readers, you have to focus on what’s important.

The popular online with gaining traffic is “Content is king, but Promotion is queen.” That saying adequately describes how you should prioritize your site, your brand, and yourself. Don’t promote until you have the best content you can offer.

High Quality Content is Your Focus

When writing a post, don’t look for perfection, it’ll only cause you to have difficulty getting your message across, focus on value and effort.
How do you define great content? Here are some standards to measure against:

  • Solution – Does my article/post offer a solution to a common problem my readers have?
  • Resource – Do I have information that my readers should bookmark for later or share with friends?
  • Thought Provoking – Am I offering readers a unique perspective? Will my post start conversations?
  • Encouragement – Can my post inspire someone to do things in a better fashion?

You can’t always hit a home run, but you can always strive to do better. Look at the past 10 posts you’ve written and see if they offer a solution, can be consider a resource, give some food for thought, or inspire others. If not, then just aim to do better your next 10 posts.

Promoting Through Accessibility

You can preparing, research, and publish quality content over time, but without promotion, you’ll have a hard time building a community. The best advice I can offer on promotion is focus on value adding relationships. We have social media tools that we can broadcast our latest posts, but that doesn’t really cut it. With so much noise going on the web, you have to start by giving attention to how accessible you are to your early readers and potential audience.

Twitter and Facebook can be great assists for finding the right people, but you have to interact with them to build a community. Chat with them on Facebook, for example, and then send a thank you note afterwards for having a great conversation. Be more than just that blogger over at some site. Let them know you and you’ll be amazed at how people respond. Some of your best promotion comes from people genuinely enjoying your content and you.

Photo Credit: spaceamoeba